The Thursday Three: Third Edition

Definition of Thurs·day Three (ˈTHərzdē ˈthrē): Three unique stories curated for educators, parents, policy makers and others passionate about education. Topics include student health and development, learning readiness, school climate and social emotional learning, and school employee wellness. (more…)


Are You Prepared for a School Crisis?

Find out what educators and industry experts recommend to get your classroom emergency-ready.

It was a Saturday afternoon in late September when torrential rain began pouring over Pelion Elementary School in South Carolina’s Lexington County School District. Flash flooding caused dams to break throughout the state, washing out roads and destroying homes. (more…)


Indiana School Pantry Fights Student Hunger

In North Vernon, Indiana, fighting student hunger is a real community effort. This is especially true at Jennings County High School. The large, rural high school in southern Indiana has many students who receive free or reduced price lunches. Knowing the negative impact that hunger can have on learning, school staff felt that more could be done to help any students struggling with hunger. (more…)

Kids blowing bubbles

10 Can’t Miss Childhood Moments

April is one of my personal favorite months, and not just because I am an April baby. I happen to
L-O-V-E spring — Mother Nature putting on her pretty green dress, puddle-jumping, starting seeds for my garden and dreaming of the barefoot summer days ahead. April is also National Garden Month and just a great time to start getting outdoors again, so I can’t think of a better time to share this post I wrote awhile back as my alter ego, The Grass Stain Guru. I hope you enjoy it, and find inspiration to unplug and get outdoors! (more…)

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The Importance of Indoor Environmental Quality

All students and school employees have the right to a great public school that fosters a safe and healthy learning and work environment – and that includes Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ).

Poor IEQ is caused by a variety of harmful factors, including: mold, poor ventilation, chemicals, extreme temperatures, asbestos, and other pollutants that negatively impact the health and achievement levels of all building occupants. (more…)