Dirt is Good!

Mud pies. Gardening. Digging for buried treasure. Puddle jumping. Burying a time capsule in the backyard. None of these opportunities should be missed in the span of a young life. There are a thousand ways that dirt is not only good — it’s FANTASTIC. (more…)


Four Fun Fruit-Based Summer Treats to Try Today!

Frozen fruits are great – they are easy to prepare, kids gobble them up and they’re packed with all the natural nutrients and fiber of fruit without added sugar. That’s what makes them such a satisfying snack or dessert during the hot summer months. (more…)

Adult coloring books

Color Yourself Happy

I was thrilled when Allie told me she was doing a blog post on coloring for stress relief! It’s something I have done for years, and it never ceases to help me feel relaxed and refreshed. While friends have found relaxation in knitting, crocheting and jigsaw puzzles, those things left me feeling frustrated. But coloring? Coloring is something I can get lost in quite happily. I hope you can, too!
— Bethe



Pride and Joy

When I think about what it means to be truly successful in life it has nothing to do with money or things, and everything to do with really living life and loving it. And to do that– to really embrace life and not just check off boxes or go through the motions – you have to fully accept who you are and make no apologies for that. ­ (more…)