5 Ways to Make this School Year a Safe One

You’re in the midst of returning to school, adjusting to new schedules, learning new names and faces, and gearing up to make an impact. You’re prepared…you’ve got this! But when it comes to school and student safety, you can never be too prepared. (more…)


Book Review: The Self in Schooling

Here at NEA Healthy Futures, we support the “whole child,” and believe that all students deserve the academic and nonacademic supports required to succeed in school and in life. This guest blog post reviews a book by Dr. Henry Brzycki, who champions self-awareness, self-reflection and meeting the needs of the “whole child” in the classroom: personalize learning and support mental health for students – a great message for educators and parents alike.


girl at school lunch table

Community Eligibility: A Win for Everyone!

Hunger is a particular menace to students living in high-poverty neighborhoods – it places those students at an academic disadvantage. That’s because students experiencing hunger have lower math scores and are more likely to repeat a grade. (more…)


Reset Your Internal Clock

5 tips from NEA Member Benefits to get back into your early morning routine.

After a summer of late nights and outdoor activities, getting back into an early morning routine can be tricky, especially since most teachers are already sleep deprived. Research shows that 43% of teachers get 6 hours or less of sleep each night, far less than the 7 to 9 hours recommended for healthy functioning. (more…)


Fresh Start: Being Open to Good Intentions

We love to hear from members, and were thrilled to get this post from Heidi Smith about one of her strategies for a great new school year. It’s a powerful message — choosing to re-frame our own thinking and considering how that might impact our jobs and job satisfaction, but also the students we serve and the professional relationships we have. – Bethe (more…)


Rockin’ Tweet Chat with ABC’s Dr. B!

Earlier today, we joined Dr. Richard Besser, ABC News Chief Health and Medical Editor, and lots of parents/families, educators and organizations from across the country for a fun and informative Back to School Twitter chat.  We talked about everything from starting preschool, to sleep and adjusting to new schedules, to ADHD, bullying and more. The hour flew by and people gave some great advice and shared some valuable research and resources! (more…)