Sane Holiday Shopping Tips for Families

Door busters. Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Buying Stuff You Don’t Need Tuesday…MAKE. IT. STOP.

Simply put, the holidays have become RIDICULOUS. There, I’ve said it. People, it needed to be said. And it needs to be repeated. RIDICULOUS.

And who has made it ridiculousHint: It’s not the kids.


Breakfast after the bell

Breakfast After the Bell Serves Up Success

Secondary school principals across the nation are rallying around a new take on the School Breakfast Program called “Breakfast after the Bell”. In fact, 87% of principals who implemented the program believe that other principals should explore launching a similar program. Echoing the results of the Elementary school report that the Food Research and Action Center (FRAC) put out earlier this year, implementing a Breakfast after the Bell program in secondary schools proved to be a superior alternative to the traditional before-school breakfast program. (more…)


S.E.W. What? 10 Benefits of Healthy Eating

S.E.W. What? is a blog series focusing on School Employee Wellness (S.E.W.), because hands down, employees are a school’s most important resource. No matter what your role, it is essential that you take care of yourself. You’re not the only one who will benefit from caring for yourself – the students and the entire school community will too.

There are numerous reasons for wanting to eat healthy. The well-known ones are weight loss and all around general health, but the advantages to eating healthy go beyond that. (more…)


5 Hidden Reasons You’re Always Tired

The stresses of balancing work and family might not be what’s sapping your energy. Don’t overlook these sneaky sleep thieves.

Between grading papers, preparing lesson plans and taking care of family responsibilities, many of today’s educators are under-slept and over-stressed. So it’s easy to understand why you might hide under the covers when your alarm goes off instead of jumping out of bed.  (more…)


Breaking a Sweat: How Much Exercise is Enough?

Exercise can help you feel better, be healthier and live longer. Try researching the best way to exercise though, and you get hit with the latest fitness trends, conflicting information, and a general slew of viewpoints.

It’s overwhelming. And, it’s possibly discouraging. (more…)


7 Ways You Can Support Healthy School Habits this Fall

Most everyone loves autumn. Days turn crisp, you get to change your wardrobe, the kids go back to school and Mother Nature puts on a great color show. But, fall also brings with it holiday celebrations and fundraisers, which aren’t always done in a healthy way.

This fall, let’s work together to support healthy habits in our schools. Everyone can help Bag the Junk!   (more…)