Jerald L. Newberry School Safety Fund

JerryN1transparentWhat is the Jerald L. Newberry School Safety Fund?

The Jerald L. Newberry School Safety Fund is dedicated to creating safe school environments so that every student can learn and thrive. The Safety Fund supports the delivery of expert information and technical assistance to National Education Association members on matters relating to the safety of students and educators and to the learning and working conditions of schools.

Work implementation frequently involves:

  • Identifying health and safety needs at the school-level;
  • Coordinating with experts and working with strategic partnerships to disseminate to NEA members best practices aimed at improving the safety of school environments;
  • Providing educators with guidance and training on how to maintain safe and healthy working conditions; and
  • Providing training in emergency preparedness, crisis response, and crisis recovery to NEA local leaders and affiliate staff.

Donate to the Newberry Fund

Jerry Newberry’s Legacy

The Safety Fund is named after former NEA Healthy Futures (previously NEA Health Information Network) Executive Director, Jerry Newberry, who retired in 2013 after 17 years of service. Jerry dedicated his career to the safety, health, and well-being of NEA members and their students.

Plans for the Coming Years

The Jerald L. Newberry School Safety Fund will help to develop an updated school crisis guide; support a survey of NEA members in order to identify their health and safety concerns; provide online information for all NEA state affiliates on crisis preparedness; expand the NEA Healthy Futures relationship with the Center for Green Schools; and provide technical assistance to NEA members, leaders, and staff about health and safety issues in their schools.

You Can Support the Fund

The Fund is supported through NEA, individual donations, donations by organizations, grants, and sponsorships. You can donate online or by mail to NEA Healthy Futures, 1201 16th Street NW, Suite 216, Washington, DC 20036. Please make checks payable to NEA Healthy Futures with a note that the gift is for the Jerald L. Newberry School Safety Fund. Gifts to the Safety Fund are tax deductible.